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Order Matters
12/27/2013 02:37 PM
If you are one of the few who ran into the FMD Invalid error, you are not alone. Hopefully this article will spare some individuals minutes, if not hours, of frustration. The culprit of this mysterious “FMD Invalid” error when … Continue reading
DigitalPersona Libraries and Multi-threading
10/07/2013 12:46 AM
The latest UareU SDK was designed in such a way to limit exposure to potential threading issues. The general concensus is that every library of the U.are.U SDK is thread safe (this goes for Java,.NET, and C++ libraries). Indeed various … Continue reading
Understanding the U.are.U 5000 Series Quality Feedback
09/10/2013 10:01 AM
As of the U.are.U 2.2.0 the capture function for the 5000 series device now returns quality feedback for the below conditions: 1.) Fake finger detected. This maps to quality code 8 and signifies the driver rejected an image due to … Continue reading
Remote Desktop with U.are.U Fingerprint reader
09/05/2013 10:24 AM
U.are.U fingerprint reader can be used in a remote desktop environment.Lets say you have 2 systems A and B and you are remoting from system A into system B, first you would need to install SDK\RTE on both the systems … Continue reading
UareU 5100 for ARM deployment
08/26/2013 02:04 PM
When porting your application to the target system you have to ensure the 5100 driver is properly configured. Below are some steps to make sure the target is configured just as the host machine is. 1.) Copy 99-dpuvc.rules into /etc/udev/rules.d … Continue reading
Improve speed on Capture using U.are.U Linux SDK
08/20/2013 01:46 PM
The default driver settings for U.are.U Linux SDK perform extensive calculations to remove the patch LED, the little square that lights up in reader. As such when using a U.are.U 4500 fingerprint reader there is a small time lag when … Continue reading
Is 4 Press Enrollment Necessary?
08/15/2013 08:31 AM
The question regarding 4 finger enrollment creeps up every now and then. It is not entirely obvious why 4 fingers are required hence this article. Below are reasons to justify 4 finger enrollment. 1.) Improve print recognition by having more … Continue reading
07/29/2013 09:52 AM
The U.are.U SDK offers 3 different fingerprint minutiae formats. Use the below information to help you decide which format you use in your application: ANSI 378 This was the original standard for fingerprint muntiaie. DigitalPersona supports for legacy reasons as … Continue reading
Internet Explorer Support Notes
07/15/2013 11:34 AM
The current U.are.U SDK for Windows ships with HTML samples for Internet Explorer (8/9/10). The samples demonstrate capturing of fingerprint data and how to display the fingerprint image on the screen. However, until release 2.2.1 the samples do not demonstrate … Continue reading
To Enroll, is it required to capture fingerprint multiple times?
07/08/2013 04:17 PM
When you go through samples in SDK, you notice that for enrollment the customer is asked to place finger on reader multiple times. In code you notice that everytime a fingerprint is captured an fmd is created from fid and … Continue reading
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